The positive box



By Val Correia   June 2013


Ever wonder why sometimes we question decisions we make or not make? 

The most important thing to remember, we should never doubt ourselves and actually admire our actions, regardless if they workout or not.

Giving up a good job for a better opportunity, purchasing a house, getting married and even having children, requires determination and courage. 

In reality, any decision we make that affects us and those part of our life comes with responsibility and risk, therefore it's something that requires  a certain amount of courage in order to be fullfilled.

How many times people hold back on their words when communicating with someone, fearing they will insult the person.  Sometimes messages need to be related to others, despite the fact feelings might be hurt in the process.

What happens if we don't use courage and express ourselves accordingly because we are putting the other person first? We are the ones who end up getting hurt.

Most important point to remember here, we should always put ourselves first and think we need to use the courage within us, because after all we might just be the one who might end up becoming the VICTIM.






By Val Correia     April 2013


Why is it when people jump to conclusions, they tend to do so more on the  negative side? Okay, it is easy to do especially when they always seem to the wrong route.

Patience is very important to the mind process, and if each of us focused more on the positive aspect of every situation presented in front of us, the likelyhood of dissapointing outcomes would probably reverse to better results.

Of course it is easier said than done, but its a formula that's nearly impossible not to work, regardless of the individual and the circumstances involved.

When a person gives up a smoking habit after 25-30-years, he or she did so because of the determination and inner psychological strength within.  Sometimes the resources and the tools provided to us are certainly helpful, but at the end of the day it's our mind that makes that final decision.

Next time before you decide to give someone else credit for something significant that is going to help change your life for the better, remember you are the most important part of that change and the main reason why it took place.



You deserve your FREEDOM

Being stressful or depressed sometimes feels like being inside a box with no way out.

When a person overcomes all obstacles to beat mental illness, they not only got out of the "box" more importantly they found the freedom to good mental health and move forward with their lives again.

" Believe." you owe it to yourself..



"Thank you for your patience, understanding and for your dedication."  Client.


" Its nice to know somebody cares and this is very indicative in the way you do your job."  Family member of a client.

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"Self-belief does not necessarily ensure success, but self-disbelief assuredly spawns failure." - Albert Bandura

"True religion is real living; living with all one's soul, with all one's goodness and righteousness." - Abert Einstein 





By Val Correia


Its not stressed enough how the importance of a healthy lifestyle can benefit each and every person in our universe. Although most people conquer the benefits we obtain through good health practice can benefit us now, it will for the long run provide us with a consistent overall healthy continuity.

Of course we all want to look good and healthy eating and exercising is a strong contributing factor to that, but at the end of the day it's all about the mind and how strong we feel about ourselves.

What is good for the mind? Strength is and should always be the priority, because its simply the most significant part of our anatomy, in that it transmits the signals to our functional components.

Regardless, of how committed we are in keeping ourselves mentally strong, there are always going to be challenges presented in front of us which result in stress -- something we certainly all can do without. But what are re-directive measures we can apply to avoid stress? Of course its always easier said than done, but engaging in social activities and connecting with people who are important to us, can certainly become a huge step forward in what we want to be and where we need to go.

But its vital to remember what ever decision you make you do so keeping in mind maintaining bad habits such as smoking, drinking, unhealthy eating and poor sleeping is only going to put the prospect of a good mental recovery on the way back.